Netsage Science Registry

The NetSage Science Registry is used to map IP subnets to Resources and Projects, allowing more detailed information about your institution's data transfer patterns. All information is voluntarily contributed.

The current Science Registry is a file of JSON objects, and can be found here. (coming soon)

The registry contains the following fields:
    "org_name": "Your University",
    "org_abbr": "UT",
    "discipline": "MPS.Physics.High Energy",
    "latitude": "40.00000",
    "longitude": "-86.0000",
    "contact_email": "",
    "resources": list of subnets and resource name. For example: "Frontera (compute) -" or "Corral (storage) -"
    "projects": if the resource is associated with a specific project like ATLAS, CMS, etc. Can be multiple projects.

If you'd like to contribute to the registry or have updates, please contact

Note that there is an old version of the Science Registry at the web address, which is out of date and should not be used.