An open privacy-aware network measurement, analysis, and visualization service.

About NetSage

NetSage is an open privacy-aware network measurement, analysis, and visualization service designed to address the needs of today's international networks. Modern science is increasingly data-driven and collaborative in nature, producing petabytes of data that can be shared by tens to thousands of scientists all over the world. 

Providing near real-time monitoring and visualization of international data transfers will help ensure that scientific workflows are operating at maximum efficiency. NetSage services provide a combination of passive measurements, including SNMP and flow data, as well as active measurements, mainly perfSONAR, and longitudinal network performance data visualization. The EPOC-NetSage Data Policy is available online. For questions or comments please contact 

The Engagement and Performance Operations Center (EPOC) Supports US Domestic NetSage Deployments

Front Range GigaPop (FRGP):

Great Plains Network (GPN):

Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN):

Southern Crossroads (SoX):

Sun Corrdidor (SCN):

Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC):

All EPOC NetSage Data:

and the ACCESS project: